About Bauman Floors

Bauman Floor Systems has over 30 years experience in Rubber, vinyl, and synthetic surfaces ranging from sport, to recreation, to animal care. We are a second generation company with Cameron Bauman leading installations with many years of experience and knowledge. Our installations around the world cover contract services for flooring companies or sales and installations directly through us. We have worked with virtually all manufacturers and the diverse range of products they offer. We are one of the few companies that can successfully work with all products on the markets today. As a result, our knowledge of these products is what puts us ahead in this market. Whether a specialized floor for equine surgery on the island of St Kitts or an 80,000 square foot outdoor track in Mexico....we can do the job.

The floor surface products available today include a vast selection of materials, thickness, durometer, color, along with size and shape for specific applications. Manufacturers also include a wide and varied selection. As with any business there are good selections and better selections. We can help guide you to the better options and at the same time help to you to obtain the floor to meet your needs without over selling you a specification you don't need. We install and service all rubber and synthetic surfaces.Certified and approved manufacturer installers. Our knowledge and experience is here to help you.  

                  Our Company name has changed to B & B Sport Surfaces LLC. Same personnel and staff, but updated company structure.